124. High Tension (2003)

A weekend away for studying has never before ended in such a splitting headache. This week the Fried Squirms return to the world of New French Extremity and check out the film that arguably put it on the map. How does the clever slasher hold up after we’ve checked out some of it’s brethren? What … Continue reading 124. High Tension (2003)

123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)

Sometimes, the boys get a little high and don’t quite do their homework. They get caught up in fancy titles and images and don’t think through what they are doing. When that happens they end up covering a violent action movie. As long as skulls are getting cracked though, the boys are having fun! Also, … Continue reading 123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)

122. The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)

As MIDSOMMAR approaches, the Squirms turn their eyes back again to the world of Folk Horror. THE BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW is the last of the “Unholy Trinity” of Folk Horror for the boys to watch, will it also be the least? Listen

121. Audition (1999)

Next up, number 121…let’s see here, it says for special skills you can flip-flop genres, cause confusion, and even inspire torture porn? I’ll be honest, that last one can be a tough sell, but Mr. Miike did send you…so would you like to elaborate? Or are you going to have the two stoners do it … Continue reading 121. Audition (1999)

120. Black Sabbath (1963)

3 stories of fear. 2 stoned hosts. 1 horror anthology for the ages. This week the Fried Squirms take a look at Mario Bava’s classic, BLACK SABBATH, and ask of themselves, what is this that stands before us?

119. The Collector (2009)

Despite the title, this movie is not about Danny’s latest movie buying habits. Instead the boys poke the web of a robbery gone terribly, terribly wrong, and marvel at the inventiveness of THE COLLECTOR.

118. The Reflecting Skin (1990)

Childhood, a magical time full of brightness and wonder. A time when angels exist, your neighbor might be a vampire, and when the truth of things may be far more sinister that it appears. Listen in this week as the Squirms bounce a few ideas off THE REFLECTING SKIN.

Suspiria contortion

116. Suspiria (2018) (w/ Test Your Fright Champ, Quincy!)

SUSPIRIA. The original was so good they did it again. The reboot was so good we’re talking about it again. We figured you had already heard a bit of what we had to say on it though, so this time around we brought back Quincy to add in her thoughts on this witchy tale. Which … Continue reading 116. Suspiria (2018) (w/ Test Your Fright Champ, Quincy!)

115. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

By now, most people have at least heard of THE RomZomCom, Edgar Wright’s SHAUN OF THE DEAD, if not seen it. This week the Squirms take their own look at this horror comedy masterpiece and try to find all the background touches they missed before and answer the age old question: cricket or baseball bat?