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123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)

Sometimes, the boys get a little high and don’t quite do their homework. They get caught up in fancy titles and images and don’t think through what they are doing. When that happens they end up covering a violent action movie. As long as skulls are getting cracked though, the boys are having fun! Also, … Continue reading 123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)

Episode 109: Hereditary (2018) (w/ Justin!)

Danny’s favorite horror movie from 2018 deserved something special, so this week we got Justin back into the studio to help us talk about it. We touch on all the parts that did it for us, what went ‘wrong’ for Tyler, and wonder just how much a demon king needs to keep his promises. Liftoach … Continue reading Episode 109: Hereditary (2018) (w/ Justin!)