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124. High Tension (2003)

A weekend away for studying has never before ended in such a splitting headache. This week the Fried Squirms return to the world of New French Extremity and check out the film that arguably put it on the map. How does the clever slasher hold up after we’ve checked out some of it’s brethren? What … Continue reading 124. High Tension (2003)

121. Audition (1999)

Next up, number 121…let’s see here, it says for special skills you can flip-flop genres, cause confusion, and even inspire torture porn? I’ll be honest, that last one can be a tough sell, but Mr. Miike did send you…so would you like to elaborate? Or are you going to have the two stoners do it … Continue reading 121. Audition (1999)

113. Flowers (2015)

This week the boys went to Unearth another extreme film for you with heartier constitutions….and ended up finding this diamond in the rough. Art house, extreme, no matter the label this Flower smells just as sweet as any to the Fried Squirms!

Episode 107: The Test Your Fright Challenge (Group 1, Finale)

The newbs have made it to the end and there’s only two films left in the gauntlet: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and MARTYRS. This 1-2 punch certainly rocks them into our first tap-out, and more importantly, our first Test Your Fright winner! Listen in to see who will survive, and what will be left of them!