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123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)

Sometimes, the boys get a little high and don’t quite do their homework. They get caught up in fancy titles and images and don’t think through what they are doing. When that happens they end up covering a violent action movie. As long as skulls are getting cracked though, the boys are having fun! Also, … Continue reading 123. The Dead Lands (2014) (plus Midsommar reaction!)

Episode 107: The Test Your Fright Challenge (Group 1, Finale)

The newbs have made it to the end and there’s only two films left in the gauntlet: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and MARTYRS. This 1-2 punch certainly rocks them into our first tap-out, and more importantly, our first Test Your Fright winner! Listen in to see who will survive, and what will be left of them!