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121. Audition (1999)

Next up, number 121…let’s see here, it says for special skills you can flip-flop genres, cause confusion, and even inspire torture porn? I’ll be honest, that last one can be a tough sell, but Mr. Miike did send you…so would you like to elaborate? Or are you going to have the two stoners do it … Continue reading 121. Audition (1999)

119. The Collector (2009)

Despite the title, this movie is not about Danny’s latest movie buying habits. Instead the boys poke the web of a robbery gone terribly, terribly wrong, and marvel at the inventiveness of THE COLLECTOR.

Episode 107: The Test Your Fright Challenge (Group 1, Finale)

The newbs have made it to the end and there’s only two films left in the gauntlet: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and MARTYRS. This 1-2 punch certainly rocks them into our first tap-out, and more importantly, our first Test Your Fright winner! Listen in to see who will survive, and what will be left of them!