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134. The Craft (1996)

OOOOOoooooo Witchy women, see how high they float off their bedroom floor….This week on Fried Squirms, the boys look into THE mid-90s witch movie, THE CRAFT. And don’t worry, it has a better soundtrack than a bad Eagles parody.

Suspiria contortion

116. Suspiria (2018) (w/ Test Your Fright Champ, Quincy!)

SUSPIRIA. The original was so good they did it again. The reboot was so good we’re talking about it again. We figured you had already heard a bit of what we had to say on it though, so this time around we brought back Quincy to add in her thoughts on this witchy tale. Which … Continue reading 116. Suspiria (2018) (w/ Test Your Fright Champ, Quincy!)

114. November (2017)

This week the boys decide to put the “stony” in “Estonian” as they partake of this gorgeous movie. A bleak fairytale, with everything from werewolves to the Devil, but there’s no need to send your kratt to steal all of what we thought of it. Just listen.